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  • What is the rate of compensation that the court imposed on a woman who falsely slandered her divorcee?

What is the rate of compensation that the court imposed on a woman who falsely slandered her divorcee?

The case goes like this -   a couple, married and divorced. The couple were married for 27 years, during which they had several children. In 2014 they broke up and then legal disputes began, among which - a dispute over child custody. Exceptionally, the court allowed some of the children to remain in custody of [...]

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  • Separation between minors

Separation between minors – how did the court rule?

In the framework of a claim filed by a father to the Family Court, the latter asked the court to order the transfer of his two minor children to his exclusive custody. Among other things, he claimed in the lawsuit that in the situation that had been created, there was a danger to the children, [...]

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  • Tort Claims Between Spouses

Tort Claims Between Spouses

Divorce cases, including disputes between spouses, usually focus on "ordinary" matters, such as divorce in the rabbinic court, disagreements over child support, disagreements regarding the division of property between spouses, disputes regarding custody and implementation of child custody between spouses. This time, I saw fit to relate to a less common, but unusual and important [...]

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  • wills


In Israel, the laws of wills and inheritances are regulated by the Inheritance Law, 5725-1965. The following article will deal with wills in general and in particular the circumstances in which the question arises of the disability of the testator bequeathing to draw a will. I will demonstrate by reviewing an important judgment of the [...]

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  • sex crimes

Sex Crimes in the Family

This short article will concentrate on the subject of sex crimes on the family. Sex offences are criminal by the Penal Law, 5737-1977. What are sex crimes The Penal law refers to the following sex offences: Rape - Is an offense under section 345 of the Penal Law. Rape is having coitus with a woman [...]

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  • Civil Marriage

Civil Marriage – the Legal Implications

There are times when a couple might not want to marry via the Rabbinic establishment and there are cases where it is impossible for the couple to do so. These couples have the option to marry in a civil ceremony, in this article I'll discuss the legal implications of such a marriage. What is a [...]

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  • Financial Relations

Financial Relations – and the Right to Privacy

A couple got married, but later, because of disagreements, their relationship almost ran aground. Finally, they made a financial agreement and managed to maintain their relationship. However, a few years after the first crisis, the relationship again deteriorated and indeed, the couple divorced. After the divorce, the couple went to court. One side (the husband) [...]

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  • Divorce Settlement

Are you separating and want to avoid the Rabbinical Court and/or the Court?

Think a divorce settlement. Before you rush off to the courts, enter long legal battles, Stop for a moment. Have you reached the conclusion that it is impossible to continue living together and have decided to get a divorce? Before you run to the courts, get in to long expensive and tedious legal battles, stop [...]

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  • restraining order

What is a restraining order?

The usual way to fight occurrences of physical violence, verbal violence and harassment, between a couple too, is by filing a complaint at the police. This being said, there is another way, which might not necessarily promise security and peace of mind but can certainly help to aid and protect you. This way is called [...]

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  • common-law spouses

Everything you wanted to know about common-law spouses

Who are common-law spouses? Common-law spouses are a couple who have decided to cast their lot together, to conduct a common a way of life as a married couple for all purposes, but, for their own various reasons, have refrained from formalizing the relationship in a form of marriage, be it religious or civil. The [...]

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