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Divorce and family law, Hagit Halevy & Co.

Family law, financial and divorce agreements, divorce process, alimony, custody arrangements, publicly known and more.

Divorce and family Law Firm
Hagit Halevy & Co.

On this site you will find useful information related to family law, financial agreements and divorce,

The divorce process, alimony, sight arrangements, publicly known and more.

Lawyer Hagit Halevy’s law firm is an experienced firm specializing in family law. The firm deals with everything related to family law, such as: full support of the divorce process, recommendations on courses of action and building a smart strategy with the other party, handling sight arrangements, alimony, and more. Everything needed to take care of your existing situation.

The firm also deals with drafting wills, divorce agreements, financial agreements and more.

Our areas of practice

Divorce Lawyer
Civil Divorce
Custody and Visitation
Joint custody
Division of Property
Divorce Agreement
Financial Agreement
Reducing Child Support
Sperm Theft
Civil Marriage
Request for Settlement of Dispute
Joint agreement
Domestic Peace
Wills & Inheritance
Wills & Inheritance

You are invited to come to a counseling meeting where we will look at the existing situation and provide answers and explanations to your questions and a recommendation what we think is best for you are what to do.

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    About Adv. Hagit Halevy
    Family Law Attorney,
    Divorce, wills and inheritances

    Adv. Hagit Halevy is a member of a family committee at the Israel Bar Association,
    Holds an L.L.B. in law, is a family mediator and a certified arbitrator.
    Adv. Hagit Halevy is known for her uncompromising professionalism, personal and intelligent attitude to the client and has a rich legal resume that leads to proven successes. In addition, Hagit has extensive experience in complex divorce cases that require careful and accurate management with extensive legal understanding.
    Adv. Hagit Halevy is considered a highly regarded lawyer in the Israeli legal community and is recognized for her ability to conduct divorce proceedings in the most efficient manner and while adapting the legal proceedings to the client’s personal needs and the specific circumstances of each case.

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