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    About Adv. Hagit Halevy - Lawyer For family law, divorce, wills and inheritances

    Adv. Hagit Halevy is a member of a family committee at the Israel Bar Association,
    Holds an L.L.B. in law, is a family mediator and a certified arbitrator.
    Adv. Hagit Halevy is known for her uncompromising professionalism, personal and intelligent attitude to the client and has a rich legal resume that leads to proven success. Hagit is also experienced in complex divorce cases that require careful and accurate management with extensive legal understanding.
    Adv. Hagit Halevy is considered a highly regarded lawyer in the Israeli legal community and is recognized for her ability to conduct divorce proceedings in the most efficient manner and while adapting the legal proceedings to the client’s personal needs and the specific circumstances of each case.
    In 2015, Adv. Hagit Halevy was chosen by The magazine as one of the 12 leading women in the field of Israeli law. The following is an excerpt from the issue of “The” magazine published in December 2015:
    “What attracted me to the field of family law is the possibility that the lawyer has a direct impact on people’s lives, and thus I can express both my knowledge and professionalism and my sensitivity and life experience, thus helping people who are in difficult moments in their lives.”

    The firm’s team of lawyers has extensive experience in representation in various courts, including family courts, rabbinical courts, as well as appellate courts such as the district court and the Supreme Court.

    The firm provides legal care for complex family issues and specializes in family-related issues including divorce, mediation, division of property, wills, inheritance disputes, custody, alimony, public notoriety, prenuptial agreements, divorce agreements and domestic violence.
    It is important to emphasize that Adv. Hagit Halevy adheres to personal involvement at every stage, from diagnosing the case and meticulous legal analysis, through building an informed strategy for further management of the procedure until obtaining the desired result.

    Adv. Ben Halevy

    Qualified to practice law since 2015 after graduating with honors in law. Immediately after graduating, he began working in the field of family law and divorce and began serving as a member of a family committee at the Israel Bar Association.

    During his military service, Adv. Ben Halevy served in various intelligence positions in a classified and elite unit in the IDF.

    Adv. Ben Halevy specializes in managing complex legal proceedings that require analysis and deepening of broad legal knowledge while adapting the most appropriate and effective legal tactics for each client in accordance with his unique circumstances.

    Ben believes that with the help of original and creative legal thinking and combined with high mediation ability any client can be helped.

    Adv. Ron Halevy

    He holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degree from the Faculty of Law at the Ono Academic Campus with honors and was certified to practice law in 2018.

    During his military service, Adv. Ron Halevy served as a lawyer in the Ministry of Defense’s Commissioner of Soldiers’ Admissibility. Immediately upon his release, he began working as a pre-intern and then as a family law intern. In the field of family and inheritance law.

    Adv. Ron Halevy is endowed with a high capacity for interpersonal communication, listening, accompaniment, inclusion and guidance of each client, and has tools that make it possible to resolve disputes through mediation and compromise and, if necessary, conduct long and exhausting legal battles.

    As part of his training, Adv. Ron Halevy has conducted many courses in the field of family law, inheritance and real estate and specializes in managing divorce cases, inheritance disputes, managing estates and transferring rights in real estate as part of liquidation and divorce liquidation proceedings.

    Consult with a team of veteran and experienced lawyers in the field!

    For initial consultation call leave details
    And we will get back to you soon

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