Family Court

In Israel, the Family Court is the Magistrate Court residing as a Family Court. In 1995 it was decided to establish the Family Court and the Family Court Act 5755-1995 was passed. The idea behind it was: “one family – one judge”, i.e. one judge, who knows the family, will handle the different disputes connected to it.

The court has jurisdiction to give a comprehensive solution to the problems that arise during a family feud, which include, division of property and balance of resources, custody and visitation rights, alimony, liquidation of partnership etc.

List of Family Courts:

Reception hours for all courts: Sunday-Thursday between 8.30Am-1.30PM except for holiday eve (Erev Chag) and Israeli holidays.
Phone No. for all courts: 077-2703333

Family Court in Nazareth
Address: Government Complex, Natzrat ilit
Fax: 04-6087454
Family Court in Rishon LeZion
Address: 5 Israel Galili St.
Fax: 03-9425605
Family Court in Kiriyat Shmona
Address: 1 Kikar Tzaha”l
Fax: 04-6956020
Family Court in Petah-Tikva
1 a’ Bazel St Cor. Shimshon
Fax: 03-9299551
Family Court in Tiberius (Tveriya)
Address: 1 Hatziyonut Av.
Fax: 04-6713233
Family Court in Tel-Aviv
Address: 1 Weizmann St.
Fax: 03-6926484 / 843 / 722
Family Court in Jerusalem
Address: 12 Beit Hadfus St.
Fax: 02-5010290
Family Court in Beer Sheva
Address: 5 Hatikva St.
Fax: 08-6470369
Family Court in Haifa
Address: 12 Pal-Yam Av.
Fax: 04-8698312
Family Court in Ashdod
Mordei Hagetaot St., quarter B’
Fax: 08-8514072
Family Court in the Krayot (surrounding Haifa)
Address: 194 Akko Rd. Kiriyat Bialik
Fax: 04-8748762
Family Court in Kiriyat Gat
Address: 12 Cheshvan St.
Fax: 08-6670674
Family Court in Hadera
Address: 42 David Shimoni St. “Mul Hakikar” mall
Fax: 04-6302314
Family Court in Eilat
3 Yotam Rd.
Fax: 08-6362674