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A mistress gave birth to 9 children to the deceased and was recognized as a common-law spouse but did not receive estate funds

The deceased, a Bedouin, was married and had 6 children, at the same time he was in an intimate relationship with the plaintive and this relation resulted in 9 children together. After the man passed, the mistress filed a claim to the family court in Kiriyat Bialik, to be recognized as a common-law spouse so as to get half of his belongings. The mistress's claim eventually landed in the Supreme Court and there, Elyakim Rubinstein the judge ruled that the mistresses should be recognized as the deceased's common-law spouse due to the fact that the existence of 9 children is a significant consideration in the ruling of the parties as common-law spouses. However, it was ruled that, although the mistress was recognized as a common-law spouse and she raised and nurtured their 9 children, there was no evidence to show financial cooperation between the two therefor the mistresses claim to share the deceased's property was denied.

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