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What is the rate of compensation that the court imposed on a woman who falsely slandered her divorcee?

The case goes like this –   a couple, married and divorced. The couple were married for 27 years, during which they had several children. In 2014 they broke up and then legal disputes began, among which – a dispute over child custody. Exceptionally, the court allowed some of the children to remain in custody of the mother and some of the children to remain in custody of the father.One day, when some of the couple’s children were supposed to stay with the father on a week-long family vacation, the woman suddenly discovered that according to the divorce agreement, the children had to stay with the father for only three days. She turned to the father and demanded that they return from their vacation. The father thought, with a great deal of justice, that he would not be responsible for sending the children by bus or taxi, as the woman requested.The children returned, but when they arrived with the father at the mother’s house, she was not home – so the father claimed. The mother, on the other hand, turned to the police and claimed that the father had kidnapped the children. She also claimed that the father intended to smuggle the children away and even noted that the father had “a very violent background” and was therefore worried about the children’s safety.The police arrived at the father’s house, with the woman being present too. The father asked that the woman leave the house and at a certain point he was arrested by the police. The father claimed that he had asked the woman to leave his house because she had been rummaging through his belongings.

The Claim:

The father filed a claim of libel suit against the woman. All this – on the grounds that the complaints she filed regarding the abduction of the children were false. He also claimed that tort of negligence had been committed in that she had trespassed and provided false information against him, in violation of the law. The court that dealt with the claim was a family court in Jerusalem.

The mother’s argument:

The mother claimed that not once, the father took their children without her permission and opposed to the divorce agreement. Moreover, she argued that the claim should be dismissed. The woman also claimed that while she was at home, the father tried to attack her with “fists”.

The provisions of the law:

It is important to note that filing a false complaint with the Israel P

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