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A woman will be denied the right to receive payment of the amount written in the Ktuba because she participated in a Bachelorette Party?

A couple, who were married for about a year filed a mutual divorce claim in the Rabbinical Court in Beer Sheva; the wife claimed for the amount written in the Ktuba which was 50,000NIS.According to the wife, she is entitled to receive her Ketuba because there was no cause for her to loss this right. The wife also claimed that the reason for the separation is the husband's behavior, which included foul-language, humiliations and fighting as well as economic bossiness from his side, where he prevented her from using a credit card and limited her budget.On the other hand, the husband claimed that the wife is not entitled to receive her Ketuba for many reasons, the main one being that, according to his claim, she participated in a bachelorette party and uploaded to Facebook "immoral pictures wearing nothing but underwear and a bra, with props used in immoral deeds", thus, according to Jewish law, she is defined as Overet al Dat MosheVeYehudit (where the woman transgresses a biblical law), therefore she is not entitled to her Ktuba.After the hearings, the Rabbinical Court's Judges came to the conclusion that the husband should be exempt from paying the wife's Ketuba due to a number of facts including: the wife leaving home after a few months of marriage, the short period of time that the couple were married, having an abortion without the husband's agreement, participating in a bachelorette party with "sexual features", and the fact that the wife herself wanted the divorce.

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