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Divorce Actuary and its importance in the procedure of the dissolution of the couple’s relationship

An actuary is a professional form the field of finances whose job is to estimate risks in times of uncertainty. For example, insurance companies use actuaries to determine what the height of the premium for different services will be, companies dealing with pension estimate risks in various types of investments etc. lately, one can fine much use of actuary in divorce procedures and this is where you can learn about the role of actuary in divorce and its importance.

The role of actuary in divorce

Living together with a partner, be it a long or short period of time, will include accumulation of assets as well as rights of each of the parties. When a couple wants to "untie the knot" and get a divorce, it is clear that questions and disputes might arise regarding the distribution of the property between them. The difficulty of assessing this is due to the fact that the capital and assets in our lives are complex, in the present, and in view of the changing future. A divorce actuary is a professional figure who comes in to the picture so as to recommend how the assets (and debts) will be divided between the couple if they do part, this according to the overall view of all financial aspects in their lives. The actuary takes in to account the value of all the communal assets (real estate, vehicles, etc.), value of the business in there is one, pension rights, money invested in different investment channels and savings, future income ability and reputation, if it was obtained with the other party.

Divorce actuary – is it so important?

Many couples who are in the process of getting a divorce choose mediation, which in many cases is the best beneficial way for the, to sign a divorce agreement. This agreement will include all aspects of the divorce (property, children etc.) and needs to be authorized by the court, and then get a divorce. When there is a dispute regarding the property will be divided and it is difficult for the parties to assess the value of it, it is advisable to approach a divorce actuary who will analyze all aspects regarding both parties and will recommend the best way to divide the property. One should take in to account that in cases where the couple come to the court with a dispute regarding division of assets, the court might rule that they have to get a recommendation form an actuary, before final ruling. In such a case the court might appoint an actuary on her behalf or enable the couple to come with a recommendation form an actuary (or two, depending on the couple) they have chosen.Therefore, the more complex assets with extra value you have, the more it is recommended that you use, ahead, the services of a divorce actuary. Call an experienced lawyer dealing in family law and he/she will recommend the best actuary for you.

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