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The court exceptionally ruled that the mother will be charged with child support for her daughter!

A father to two daughters, one a minor and the other an adult, filed a lawsuit to the family court in Tiberias to charge the mother with child support for their 16 and a half years old minor, who is in the full custody of the father.At the beginning of the divorce proses, the daughter was in the custody of the mother but, due to the deterioration of mother's mental state caused by consumption of alcohol, and after the court received a revue recommending that minor be moved to the charge of the father, he was given full custody.The father, who lives on an income allowance of 2,700NIS, filed a claim to charge the mother child support for the minor amounting to 1,400NIS, from the day he got full custody.The mother argued that, according to Israeli law, it is possible to charge her for child support, from the day the minor turned 15 years old, but only under certain conditions, which do not exist in this case. According to the mother, her financial state is very bad as she is living under the "poverty line", therefore she should not be charged with child support.Family Court judge in Tiberias, Justice Mahmud Shdafna ruled, exceptionally, after examining the financial state of both parties, that the wife should be charged with minimal child support of 400NIS, by "Tzdaka" (charity) law.The judge's ruling was based on the fact that the mother works, she has no housing expenses due to the fact that she is living in her second husband's apartment. Moreover, there are no visitation rights and she has not seen her daughter for more than a year and a half."There is no doubt that the lack of visitation right burden the father, solely, with the cost of raising the minor and one should take this in to consideration" the judge wrote in his ruling.Referring to the amount he charged the mother, the judge added: "I believe that 400NIS will reflect the needs of the minor and will not significantly harm the mother's ability to support herself.

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