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The father fled the country and left his children without Child Support – the grandfather was required to pay in his place

The father escaped the country to the City Uman in Ukraine and left his wife and 3 minor children in Israel, without paying child support for his children and without giving his wife a divorce, which made the wife, according to Jewish law, an Agunah – a chained woman (a woman bound in marriage by a husband who refuses to grant a divorce or who is missing and not proved dead).Due to this, the mother filed a claim to the Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem filing for Child Support from the father's father (the grandfather) for the 3 minors, since the father in not in the country for some years, he is not providing for his children and the mother has to make do with a meager allowance she gets from Social Security.The grandfather responded to the lawsuit and claimed that he cannot support his grandchildren due to the fact that his only income is a disability pension from the Social Security.However, the Rabbinical Court judge in Jerusalem, Rabbi Yaakov Eliezrov was not impressed by the grandfather's claims and ruled that the grandfather has different businesses form which he makes a living and that he goes abroad many time every year.After the Rabbinical Court determined that the grandfather has the financial means to support his grandchildren, he was charged with Child Support for his grandchildren totaling at 2,000 NIS a month, as a supplement to the alimony the mother gets form Social Security.

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