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The wife filed a lawsuit demanding to cancel the divorce agreement – why did the court firmly refuse?

The wife, a lawyer in occupation, filed a lawsuit to the court in Rishon Lezion demanding to cancel the divorce agreement she had signed 2 year before, claiming that, before signing, her ex-husband exerted heavy pressure on her to sign a discriminatory and unfair agreement.The wife claimed that, before signing, the husband began a campaign of threats and extortions due to her infidelity before the divorce and he told her that he will go to the press and publish her pictures and other materials that he accumulated, that he will ruin her life and harm her whenever possible.According to her version, in light of this campaign of pressures from the husband and in light of the feelings of terror and fear she felt, she signed a discriminatory and unfair agreement with the husband undertaking not to share the materials with anyone, not to use them in anyway and destroy them.Justice Dr. Varda Ben Shahar ruled that according to the law, the party who wants to cancel a divorce settlement which was authorized by the court and was given validation as a verdict, is required to meet the high burden of proof, showing lack of will, and the plaintiff did not meet this burden.The court was convinced by evidence and by the dominant involvement of the woman in drawing up the agreement that it was not made under pressure/ oppression/ wrongness and deception. On the contrary, it was found that the agreement was made of plaintiff's free will – a lawyer by profession – who led the negotiations, accompanied by her lawyer, with consideration and while standing her rights in detail.The article is not intended as legal advice and should not be relied on it as such.For a consultation meeting:Hagit Halevy & Co., Law office, 9 Arar St., Azrieli Mall, Modiin. Tel: 077-3487178

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