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What are the criteria for choosing a recommended divorce layer?

The decision to divorce holds within it a significant change in one's life both socially and financially. The repercussions are long termed and are determined by a ruling of the court or by a divorce agreement. As many people have experienced, the secret to achieving the best results lies in engaging a professional lawyer with experience in this matter. So, how do you choose a divorce lawyer who will stand up to these expectations? Below is a short review of the criteria which will help you to choose.

Specializing in family law

All lawyers nowadays are obliged to study in a recognized academic institute, to pass the bar exams, successfully finish a period of internship before they get their license and can start representing clients in legal matters. Any lawyer can represent in a variety of fields of the Israeli law, including: real estate, criminal law, contracts, work matters and of course, family law. That being said, facts show that in order to get the expected result in the trial, it is best to choose a lawyer who has specialized in the specific field. For example, a good divorce lawyer is one who has chosen to specialize in family law. He/she is up to date with the current rulings and can address the matter in a professional and high leveled way. Choosing a lawyer who works in a variety of fields might end in a big failure, in many cases.

Experience in mediation

Many family lawyers are very professional and sharp as sharks when it comes to the legal arena itself and can represent their clients in court in a most admirable way. However, in many cases, the un-ending wars in court can be prevented in advance and the dispute can be resolved in an amicable way, by ways of mediation. In other words, a good divorce layer is one, who in addition to his/her professional qualities in the legal field, is also a certified mediator. This can aid the couple getting a divorce to reach an agreement and divorce via a divorce agreement. This will be done in a way that suits both parties, with empathy and mutual respect, all to get them on a new better way.

Experience with the Rabbinic court

The Rabbinic court has many authorities as the family court has which include deciding in matters of divorce, wife's alimony, child alimony, custody etc. it is important that the lawyer you choose have experience in representing clients in the Rabbinic court because if the court case is filed there, he/she should be experienced and knowledgeable in the ruling of this court which include Jewish law characteristics. This kind of experience will aid the lawyer in advising his clients, in making the decision where to file the first claim - in the Rabbinic or family court, where the file will be judged solely.Other points in choosing a divorce attorney are his/her availability, character and the personal chemistry between you. After all, he/she is going to accompany you in difficult times of crisis and is supposed to be your support who will help you back on your feet, so to speak, better and stronger on your way to a new life.

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